We carry extensive varieties of hydraulic cylinders to meet your needs, and if required, we can make special orders to ensure the smoothest service. We have the ability to design and manufacture cylinders to customer specifications.

Our facilities include a cylinder strip down bench capable of handling some of the largest cylinders in the industry – up to 14m in length, 1m in diameter, and with a 500,000 ft/lb torque capacity for nut removal. Replacement cylinders can also be sourced, and our staff have product knowledge across a range of brands including PTE, Baker, Alford and Nordon which ensures they source the correct cylinder for each application.

When servicing your hydraulic cylinders:

  • Disassembly and assembly is carried out by trained staff to ensure components are not damaged at any step in the process
  • Care is taken during assembly to ensure contaminants are not introduced
  • Inspection allows us to recommend and provide quotes on the best repair options
  • We also hone the barrel and linish the rod to extend seal life and maximise cylinder performance
  • Re-tubing and re-rodding is done ‘in house’ in our extensively equipped machine shop
  • Testing ensures there are no leaks with repaired or rebuilt cylinders – we appreciate that finding that out on the job is too late

Our Hydraulic Services

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