Specialist Projects

Saraji Bosich Cooler

  • Regular brake failures of the float used to transport 300 tonne excavator, caused by overheating.  
  • Escalating costs of repairs and downtime was in excess of $2million plus the additional wear and time spent walking the excavator to locations.
  • Paul identified the issue as the manufacturer’s oil flow specifications being insufficient.
  • A lubrication and cooler pack, enabling the required oil flow and necessary heat, was designed and installed. Safety was a critical design consideration.
  • The system was successfully fitted and tested.
  • Currently installed at BHP Saraji in Central Queensland and BHP Mine Area C in Western Australia.


  • Grump is a high flow, high-pressure grease pump that was developed to meet mining requirements to refill grease pots on large excavators in less time that it takes to refuel them, thereby improving productivity. There is considerable potential for this product. Modifications to make it competitive with Bushranger and Lincoln pumps are currently being undertaken.
  • THS can also source and supply all types of hydraulic filters, housing and associated components
  • Originally developed for Jellinbah mine with additional units distributed to various clients.

Oil Filtration Systems

  • Extend the life of machinery and minimise hydraulic failure associated with contamination by developing a fine filtration system to be used on hydraulic, engine, transmission and gear oil.
  • The system exceeds the industry standard of 10µ (microns) to less than 3µ resulting in considerable extension of component life extending asset, plant and equipment life cycles.
  • Oil sampling is used to monitor the ‘health’ of the system and assist with predictive maintenance schedules.
  • This will reduce unplanned downtime and fewer component change outs.
  • Eg. wheel bearings on large mine trucks were as new at 23k hours allowing them to be reused.
  • It provides environmental sustainability.

Ongoing Projects

CS Energy

  • Design, fabrication and installation of lubrication units for ball mills – $248k
  • Modification of and updating slurry pumps to programmed, proportional electronic control – $150k

John Holland

Manufacture and installation of 12 cylinders for piling ring $100k

Jellinbah Mine

Refurbishment of full range of Hitachi Excavator cylinders (EX5500, 3600 and 2500). Overhauls range in value from approximately $12,000 per cylinder up to $100, 000 per cylinder – $1M +

Joy Mining

Major cylinder refurbishment and component overhaul – $1.1M.


General repairs and maintenance.

Boonal Train Loadout Hydraulic System Upgrade

Improve efficiency and reliability of coal load outs.

$80k upgrade included:

  • Redesign of the system
  • Relocation of the existing control valve
  • Change from cable to pilot operated control valve which decreases operator fatigue and reduces the quantity of components that have the potential to fail
  • Added an extra trim chute function in order to make it easier to achieve the desired profile of the coal on each wagon
  • Upgraded the pump to current market range ensuring more reliable access to spare components
  • Re-hosed the entire system from the existing 2 wire to 4 wire which increases component life, improves reliability and improves safety 
  • Filtration to 1µ rather than 10µ
  • Increase in life of components
  • Install train overload unloading system – $200k

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