Key Staff

Our team of experts all have extensive experience in hydraulic and fluid power systems across various industries. Our team has over 40 years experience in hydraulic systems so we can guarantee quality services.

  • Kelly Manns
  • Charlie Boyd
  • Helen Lyons
  • Kallen Cartwright
  • Bernie Bond
  • Fred Walker
  • Hamish Grey
  • Jess Manns
  • Travis Crew
  • Sheona Lawson
  • Peter Coogan
  • Harrison Mitchell
  • Kapilla Kahagalla
  • Caelan Hall
  • Damon Kime
  • Connor Rossow

Mission Statement

We will:
Always deliver a high standard of quality and service. Maintain our reputation for coming up with effective solutions. Not only live up to our customer’s expectations but exceed them. Appreciate how important a breakdown is and give them priority.

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